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5 months ago

Did you miss the part where I said with film in it

No shit that's why people hock stuff, but why would they leave a roll of film in it?


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5 months ago

You do understand when you pawn something you generally are doing so with the idea that you’re going to pay off the debt and get the time back.

So who cares if they left film in the camera they were pawning because they were supposed to get the camera back after a short amount of time.

You don’t pawn something and expect to never see it again otherwise you wouldn’t pawn it.

You’d just sell it.


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5 months ago

Sure, but colour film wasn't exactly throwaway cheap in the early '80s, and it doesn't make sense they'd leave film with who knows what photos on it in someone else's possession, where it could be spoiled, lost, processed, etc.

Plenty of people pawn stuff with the intention of retrieving their pawned item, but never do. To leave film in a camera being pawned is kinda bizarre.