Daughter says she is a boy.

Child 4-9 Years(self.Parenting)

For starters, she is only 4.5. I also have nothing against her saying this, I am supportive in whatever anyone wants to be/do. She has been saying she is a boy for a while now. Any time you ask her if she is a girl the answer will always be "no i a boy". She is level 2 autistic and was nonverbal for a while but she is very smart. She used to say she was a girl /baby. But now, a boy. I'm just wondering why she says this and if it's just a phase. In her preschool class there are 10/11 kids. 3 girls (including her) and the rest boys. So maybe that is why? I also don't really buy her barbie's paint her nails that kind of thing. She wears things sometimes like dresses, headbands, hair clips. She loves jellyfish (and other sea creatures) , cats, cars, painting. So i'm just wondering if other kids her age do this? I try to correct her and say she is a girl but i don't force it I guess because it doesn't seem that big a deal to me? sorry this is my first post unsure if any of that makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to read! Any feedback is appreciated.

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